Club Rules

The following rules and regulations are applicable to all Motorcycle Cross Country competition events organised and promoted by WYRE FOREST OFF-ROAD, By participating or spectating at any of WYRE FOREST OFF-ROAD events you are agreeing to abide by all its rules & any supplementary rules set out by ORPA (Off Road Promoters Association ). All rules are subject to change without notice.

All competitors must be physically and mentally fit to compete in motorcycle competitions. Riders who are registered disabled must declare themselves to the organisers and must provide proof of fitness (a doctor’s certificate) at signing on. The organisers reserve the right to withdraw any competitor from an event should they be deemed to be unfit to compete.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to enter the correct class. The organisers reserve the right to re-grade competitors.

All competitors must wear protective clothing as follows:
Crash Helmet – this must be of a competition standard and carry either a current ACU Gold stamp or an equivalent from overseas motorcycling organisations.
Boots – these must be of an off road type.
Gloves – these must be of an off road type.
Race pants and shirt – of an off road type, long sleeve.
Goggles – of an off road type.
Knee pads, leg braces, body armour and kidney belts all offer additional protection and are recommended but not mandatory.

Memberships must be completed in order for any rider to receive points to go towards the final series standings. Memberships will run from Round 1 of the British Summer Series through to the end of the year.

All machines must be of an off road type (enduro, motocross, trail or trials) . Only 1 (one) machine can be ridden in a race no changes of machine is allowed after technical inspection/after the start or during a race.

Any off road pattern tyre is permitted. Machines must be fitted with tyres suitable for the machine – note that trials tyres may not be fitted to enduro or motocross machines.

There will be random noise meter testing at all events. The noise limit is set at 97dba. Properly packed, standard silencers meet this requirement. If a machine becomes noisy during a race it will be removed until rectified. If you have an aftermarket silencer it is advisable to bring the standard one with you.

Technical Inspection
All machines must be presented to technical inspection prior to being placed on the start line. Each machine will be inspected for general safety, This check is only to confirm the bike or quad is safe to put on the start line & in no way confirms the bike is safe to race or compete at the event. – please note that the responsibility for maintaining a machines safety during the event is with the rider. The organisers may remove an unsafe machine from the course at any time during the event – the machine may be made safe, presented to technical control and then, once approved, return to the course. All machines must have the correct race numbers displayed on the bikes (front number board and side panels) and quads (front and rear number boards). It is the riders responsibility to ensure that they are displaying their correct race numbers for WYRE FOREST OFF ROAD race meeting. In the event of the wrong numbers being displayed we will not be responsible for incorrect race positions.

Course Marking
The course will be marked with yellow arrows and track tape and will be available for walking after 2pm the day prior to the race. The course must be walked prior to the first race of the day (before 9.45am)

Where a single arrow marks the course the arrow must be passed within 5 metres.
Where a pair of arrows is arranged as a gate the arrows (gate) must be passed through.
Where the course is marked with track tape on one side and arrows on the other riders must pass between the tape and arrows.

Where the course is marked with track tape on both sides riders must remain between the tapes.

If the marked course is left for any reason it must be re-joined at the place it was left or if not safe to do so, at the earliest possible opportunity without gaining any positions.
Under no circumstances ride against the flow of the course.

Pit Area and Re-Fuelling
Speed limit in the pit area and lap scoring is Walking Pace (max 5mph) .

The Pit Area is a NO SMOKING area. No pets are allowed in the pit area and must be kept on a lead at all times when out of owners vehicle.

Children under 16 are not allowed in the pit area unless they are competing in the event and the race that is in progress at the time of being in the pit area.

Prior to the race machines may be filled with fuel in the paddock. Once they have been through Technical control the machines must be placed on the start line and any subsequent fuelling must be completed in the designated re-fuelling/pit area. Re-fuelling must be completed using a proper device (e.g funnel, fuel can, fast-fill fuel can). All fuel to be stored/ carried in suitable fuel containers i.e. no water containers. Environmental mats are encouraged.

Fuel must be a commercial brand of petroleum that is supplied to the public from a wayside pump. All high volatile fuels i.e. Methanol and Av Gas are banned. Any fuel test taken, if found to be positive that rider will be liable for all costs.

Please note Dry Brake Fuel Systems are not permitted

Only one fuel cell/ tank may be used and must be fitted behind steering column and as per manufactured specification. Any size of properly approved fuel cell may be fitted to the machines. After market fuel cells may be used if produced specifically for our sport, (we will not accept one-off prefabricated fuel tanks). Fuel may not be carried by the rider. If a rider runs out of fuel on the course he/she may leave the course and push the machine (with assistance if available) to the Pit area. The machine may then be re-fuelled and the race re-joined from the pit area. The rider will not be scored for the lap that they run out of fuel on if a shorter route back to the pit area was taken.

Do not carry fuel out to the bike.
Do not re-join the course at any point other than where it was left or from the pit area.
Do not ride in the paddock.
Do not re-fuel in the paddock after 9.30am on race day or after technical inspection.

When returning to the course after re-fuelling take care if riding the bike as you will riding in areas where there may be spectators, marshals and other pedestrians.
Signaling Area

Where a signaling area is provided it should be used by only one member of a rider’s pit crew and once the rider has passed the crew member should leave the signal area.

Outside Assistance
Outside assistance is permitted so long as the rider is primarily in control of the machine is deemed to be a health & safety issue.

Penalties will be applied to a competitor if he/she or his/her support crew are seen to act in an unsafe or un-sportsman like manner. The penalty will take the form of either a Stop/Go Penalty or removal from the event and exclusion form the results.
Penalties will be applied as follows:
Stop/Go Penalty:-
The penalty will be applied to any rider or pit crew who deliberately conducts them self in an unfair or unsafe manner. The actual penalty will require the rider to enter a clearly designated area, come to a halt, wait 60 seconds and then proceed back to the racetrack. The engine may remain running during the Stop period. The rider will be notified as soon as possible after the infringement by means of a Stop-Go board with his/her number clearly displayed on it or told at lap scoring. It is the riders responsibility to check for penalty notification at Lap Scoring and then to enter the Stop-Go area. Failure to comply with a Stop-Go penalty instruction will result in a Black Flag (immediate disqualification). The penalty does not remove the right (of other riders) to lodge a formal protest, however, a correctly applied Stop-Go penalty will be classed as mitigation for the protested rider during the investigation process. The Stop-Go penalty may be Protested at the end of the race in the normal manner. A Stop-Go penalty will be applied in the following circumstances:- Jumping the start.

Re-fuelling the wrong side of the pit area tapes. Note that refuelling away from the pit area (out on the course will result in disqualification). Excessive speed in the pit area (remember it’s walking pace in the pits so that your pit crews have somewhere safe to work). Minor Course Cutting eg: Failing to make a bona-fide attempt at following the marked course. Cutting a single corner Failing to re-join the course at the point it was left ie, if you go through the tapes, go back in where you broke them – subject to it being safe to do so.

Failing to comply with an official marshal’s instruction or Overly aggressive riding. We accept that it’s a race but please remember that the race includes young and/or novice riders. By all means shout to make a slower rider aware of your presence but take care when passing. Slower riders please be courteous and allow the faster people to pass you at a safe place. Deliberately blocking another rider or support crew.

Exclusion from the Event:-
Riders will be excluded from the event under the following circumstances:
Blatant cheating.
Dangerous riding.
Abusive conduct towards other riders, pit crews, spectators or event officials.
Receiving more than 2 Stop/Go penalties.
Protests and Right of Appeal
Protests must be registered with the Clerk of The Course within 30 minutes of the official results being published. The protest must be in written form and must include the following information:-
Event Name and Date
Rider’s Name
Rider’s Number
Rider’s Class
A written description of the protest
A list of witnesses as appropriate
The protest must be accompanied by cash or a cheque for